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Psychological well-being is our forefront. We are staffed in Psychology, Fitness and other Experts driven to move you!

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NEW FAMILY with NEW WAYS in the NEW DAYS AHEAD - that works for us all.

We provide Effective Family Engagement Strategies and Family Life Energized videos for at-home use for destress workers and their families with key focus on the development of children. In addition to a wholesome reach into the mindfulness of healthy habits and decision making,  we artistically give STEM science based reasons that moves, explains and connects the mind and body. A pathway to Preventative Stress methods for


I Hear YOu

Parent -Ms. Sims

Father -Mr. Guerra

Father -Mr. Guerra

I needed this for myself and for my children because I want a way to connect. I found it so easy to relax into a conversation, because we mentally and physically tuned in with each other.

Father -Mr. Guerra

Father -Mr. Guerra

Father -Mr. Guerra

After work its hard, but this helps to find time to focus on my daughter! It gives us both something to do together that lets us enjoy our connection. We both lead together when we follow. It allows me to talk and forget about my job.

GrandParent -Ms. Gigi

Retired School Teacher -Ms. Hall

Retired School Teacher -Ms. Hall

I wanted, no I needed something I could do with my grandkids. It opened us up to relaxing and having more self control and learning each other, connecting and lead to more conversations we needed to grow.

Retired School Teacher -Ms. Hall

Retired School Teacher -Ms. Hall

Retired School Teacher -Ms. Hall

My instructor is a super teacher. I am taking his Tai Chi class which is great! My Instructor is so knowledgeable and is sharing his expertise with us. He truly cares!

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Successful Strategies for Family Engagement: Grandparents, Parents and kids inspire each other as both move together bridging the generational gap! Come join our healthiest Super Hero challenges in the community and learn more about being a Super Hero - Be That Person who does something together!

Panda Guest Appearance & Speaker

Our mascot helps with preventative skills including hate while developing social and emotional learning peacefully. We strive for calmness with techniques for the students, de-stressing together. "Yielding into calmness, slow it down to focus, and get moving to make better life decisions."

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