Free Videos: Super Hero Tai Chi PANDA - STRESS BLASTERS CLUB


Retired School Teacher- Ms. Hall

My instructor is a super teacher. I am taking his Tai Chi class which is great! My Instructor is so knowledgeable and is sharing his expertise with us. He truly cares!

Father - Mr. Guerra

Having a time with my daughter that gives us both something to do together lets us enjoy our connection. We both lead together when we follow the online videos. It allows me to talk and forget about my job.

Parent -Ms. Sims

I needed this for myself and for my children because I need a way to connect and I found it so easy to relax into a conversation, because we were mentally and physically in tune with each other.

GrandParent -Ms. Gigi

I wanted, no I needed something I could do with my grandkids. It opened us up to relaxing and having more self control and learning each other connection more conversations.